TAP Management Austin TX Reviews Top Oil-Producing States


AUSTIN, TexasJune 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- TAP Management Austin TX reviews the supply of oil from the nation's top oil-producing states. According to the Energy Information AdministrationTexasAlaskaCaliforniaNorth Dakota and Oklahoma accounted for roughly 56 percent of the United States' domestic oil production levels in 2011.


Overall, oil production from these states increased in 2011, with Texas and North Dakota experiencing the largest gains. In fact, North Dakota recently became the second-leading oil producer in the United States. The state pumped more than 152.9 million barrels of crude oil in 2011 - a 40 percent spike compared to 2010. The boom has increased the state's population to record levels and has created thousands of jobs for its citizens, helping North Dakota achieve the lowest unemployment rate in the country.


Texas, the long-time leading crude oil producer in the United States, has seen a recent surge in output levels due to the development of the Eagle Ford Shale.  Furthermore, petroleum refineries in Texas are capable of processing more than 4.7 million barrels of crude oil every day - roughly one-fourth of the United States' refining capacity.


Alaska's oil production level has been slowing for almost a decade. The state supplies approximately 17.5 million barrels of crude oil every month compared to a monthly output figure of 17.8 million barrels recently achieved by North Dakota. Because of this decline, Alaska may fall behind California in production, which in 2011 averaged their lowest level in over three decades. Oklahoma, the fifth largest producing state in the country, averaged 204 thousand barrels of oil per day in 2011 – topping a production level of 200 thousand barrels per day for the first time since 1998.


With the exception of seven states, oil production levels from other drilling states have been declining for some time. Offshore production in the Gulf of Mexico and California has also been steadily reduced due to an increase in industry regulations, and a strenuous permitting process. Despite these challenges, domestic oil and gas production has seen a dramatic increase in recent years. In fact, 54 percent of oil consumed in the United States is supplied by independent, domestic manufacturers similar to TAP Management Inc.


About TAP Management:

TAP Management has contributed to the increase of oil and gas production in the South Texas, Gulf Coast, Rocky Mountain and Mid-Continent regions. TAP Management Austin TX reviews oil and gas prospects in fields that meet the criteria of the company. By utilizing 3D seismic technology, forced pooling methods and purchasing existing production, TAP Management has developed a successful portfolio of producing assets throughout these regions. We are dedicated to decreasing our nation's dependence on foreign oil and gas, and improving the quality of life for Americans.


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