TAP Management Austin TX Reviews Oil and Gas Prospects in South Texas


AUSTIN, TexasMarch 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- TAP Management Austin TX reviews various oil and gas prospects throughout the South-Central regions of Texas and is continuing to increase its position in the area. By strengthening ties with oil and gas industry personnel, TAP continues to increase its pursuit of potential production and acreage acquisitions throughout South Texas. TAP will continue to expand its rapid company growth by maintaining and growing its relationships with geophysicists, geologists, operators, and other exploration and production companies in and around South-Central Texas.

Geophysical prospecting measures the properties of earth's subsurface materials and detects irregular patterns that may be caused by the existence of oil or gas. In the exploration of hydrocarbons, the most common method of geophysical exploration is seismic reflection, which TAP has utilized to developed production in two states. This technique is similar to echolocation and sonar.

The exploration and production of domestic oil continues to become an increasingly important discussion. Today, an extremely high percentage of the oil the nation consumes is purchased from foreign countries. Increasing production in the United States has the potential to create thousands of jobs in a country that is currently struggling with an elevated rate of unemployment. Over the last few decades, the United States has discovered that it has much more oil and natural gas than originally expected, with the state of Texas being one of the country's largest producing assets. The avid manner in which TAP Management Austin TX reviews oil and gas prospects has been a key factor in its success.

About TAP Management

TAP has been building a portfolio of oil and natural gas production since its founding in 2005. It identifies specific targets in oil and gas fields that meet its risk/reward criteria.

TAP began executing this strategy by drilling new gas wells in South Texas using three-dimensional seismic technology. It now employs a broad range of tactics to produce oil and gas including purchasing existing production, utilizing forced pooling, and expanding its use of 3D seismic.

Today, TAP has producing assets in the South Texas, Gulf Coast, Rocky Mountain and Mid-Continent regions.

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